Sunday, July 25, 2010

What goes through ones mind?

I ask this question to myself quite often, what goes through ones mind?  A man who swears he loves his wife and children more then life itself to the women he talks to online, goes away and calls home one time in a week.  Swears his new location has better phone reception yet still does not give a call?  I wonder sometimes what truly is going on?  For 10 years I tried I really did, I threw myself into it whole hearted, then the pain of being hurt time and time again became too much for me to handle and I turned my heart off.  Again he swore things would be different and maybe they were for a short while, but that went out the window and I think things may be worse then ever. I don't know how much longer things can go on like this, and sometimes I hope it does not go on much longer at all.

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