Friday, July 23, 2010

Sure she is cute now.....

So this morning dropping Jillian off at camp Kyleigh managed to get herself out of her car seat so I took her out of the car with me.  She was very excited they had a radio playing and was dancing and kept going over to Jillian to say hi.  All of the counselors were going on about how cute she was, and well yeah she is how can you not love her with her giant blue eyes and curls I mean really you cant.  But little did they know most of what she was doing was not dancing, she was flapping her arm and spinning like she does every time she is excited not just because music was playing.  What is going to happen when she is 10 and is still flapping her arms and spinning every time she is excited.  It wont be so cute anymore and all the smiles we receive now will be looks of bewilderment and pity.  I don't know if I am ready for that or will ever be.

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