Monday, July 19, 2010

Were going to the beach, the beach, the beach

So its Monday again and man I am so glad its Monday this weekend exhausted me!  I spent most of the day Saturday food shopping and getting stuff to head to the beach.  We are not much of beach people (OK it is just me, something about sand in the cooter is just not appealing) so I had to go and get chairs and an umbrella to keep us beach happy.  I was on a mad hunt for one of those cool beach carts, unlucky for me I was too late in the game for that so I got us a good ole fashioned granny cart I bet I looked super cool!  So we were off to the beach yesterday early in the morning.  A friend invited us to go with her and I thought what the hell, Dad is getting to go to the Caribbean for 2 weeks for a business trip (bastard) we might as well head down to the Jersey Shore for some fun and sun.  We get there and shockingly enough Kyleigh was ok with it at first, but it kinda went downhill from there.  She did not want to touch the sand so she spent most of the day sitting in a beach chair (sure glad I got 4 of them!) and we took turns taking the girls to the water and hanging with Kyleigh.  Brianna, oh my Brianna afraid of other kids but man she can take on that ocean with not an ounce of fear!  She was riding the waves, jumping in the waves, swimming, just having a plain ole good time!  I get such joy watching her when she is actually having fun, there is a true smile on her face not the forced one we see from her when she feels like she should be smiling.  Jillian of course was her little diva self sunning dipping her hair in the ocean and flipping it back a la Farrah Faucet, I don't know what I am gonna do with that girl (I know sit back and watch her in amazement I am super jealous of her love of herself and life).  We were all exhausted and headed home after 5 hours of beach fun came home and collapsed that was after loads of laundry and scrubbing down of kids and myself.  I promised to take Brianna back to the beach and get her her own boogie board I kinda cant wait to get back there, sand in the cooter and all!

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