Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tired Just Plain Tired

So hmmm today was a good day, yep it really was.  Kyleigh went off to preschool skipping all the way to the bus.  Both Brianna and Jillian went off to camp (saw Brianna talking with the one of the girls from yesterday before I pulled away???) and then I went for a kick ass walk around the park with lots of hills and burned 546 calories according to my heart rate monitor GO ME!  But I am tired, I have been staying up way too late watching too much crappy TV which usually consists of TLC, HGTV or the Food Network.  Add in all the exercising I have done this week I am cooked, done, utterly and totally finished!  But guess what I get to take Jillian to dance class again tonight (I thought it was summer???).  The dance teacher she has tonight is ummmmm a little too serious for my liking.  She has to be in full dance gear leotard, tights and hair in a bun.....what the hell was I thinking when I agreed to this competition dance stuff last year??  Oh I remember the joy of watching my girl shake her ass up on that stage while I beamed with pride, yep that's it.  But I am tired damn kill joys of my laid back take time back for myself summer.....

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