Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Her first day

I have been dreading this day for months now.  I thought the therapy through early intervention was bad, there was nothing as bad as seeing the look of terror on my baby's face as I strapped her onto that seat on that school bus.  She looked like I was sending her to the wolves and man did I feel like I was!  I may never have ran so fast in my life to get away from seeing that bus drive away with my baby in it.  Her poor sisters looked so worried with me in hysterics I always wonder if they think I am a nut?  I mean I am sure they have figured it out by now.  Driving the girls to camp was lots of fun, me bawling like a 2 year old and them reassuring ME that she will be fine.  I hugged them a little harder this morning and then I made a mad dash for the school to see my baby get off the bus.  I am surprised I did not have a police cruiser pull up and ask me what I was doing lurking between the cars in the parking lot, I was sure a parent was going to alert them of a strange woman hiding ninja style.  I finally went back to my car and no sooner did I turn the engine on that my phone started ringing.  Sure enough it was the nurse she pooped and it went all up her back and she would not let anyone change her.  Can I come and change her?  You bet your ass I will be there in 2 minutes and I meant that literally since I was still lurking and crying in the parking lot.  So I run into the office and the lady at the front desk informs me I have to go into another entrance for the summer sessions, hmm so you know what happens right?  I break down into hysterics and she starts crying along with me..... yes you read that right I made the school secretary cry.  I bet the next 3 years of me going there are going to be just great, crap here comes that chick who made me cry.  So I can hear her crying, well not just crying screaming and of course my sobbing gets even louder.  I walk in the room and I get a sweet MOMMY, she was thrilled to see me and I must say I was thrilled to see her.  There is the nurse in full hazmat gear rubber gloves etc, jeez people we are talking poop the child is not toxic (although she was pretty gross).  So I work on getting her all cleaned up and in walks Ms Brooks (although she just got married, wonder if she is going to change her name?) and she tells me how she tried everything to get her off the bus easy and that we shall email later to work on some ideas to make it easier on all parties (can I just say I am so glad there is a familiar face on my side and one who I adore!).  So we start walking to her classroom and I am calling out come on Baby Blow fish and she is calling back Momma Blow fish sigh, why did she have to grow up so fast?  She tries to dart into a classroom that is not hers and I grab her hand and she starts crying again I think crap why do they have to put her in the last classroom in the school???  So we get there and she takes off, I mean running into the classroom and I take off running the other direction because I know if I stick around it is all over with I am going to take her and make a run for it.  So she is there and I am here, I got an email from her teacher reassuring me that she is doing well, doing puzzles and smiling and her aide Sarah from the bus called to tell me she stopped crying once they started driving.  I am so glad that they have an open line of communication with me or else I would be home still bawling instead of pacing the floors like I am doing.  Two hours till my Baby Blow fish is home and I can cuddle with her till its time to go get my other blow fish and maybe treat them all to some ice cream!

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