Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day Two We Are Getting Somewhere!

So lets start with the end of Day 1 here, Baby Blow Fish bus pulled up behind a super slow garbage truck I could not wait any longer so I went and snatched her up 4 houses down.  She looked stunned and tired but there were no tears so that was a good thing.  We cuddled for a bit and then she took off to the back of the house.  It got really quiet I figured she climbed into her sisters bed and fell asleep.  I went looking for her a little bit later we had to get her sisters from camp. I go looking nope not in Jillian's bed, nope not in her bed, my bed ummmm nope. Now I am starting to panic I start calling her name go outside searching nothing.  Go back in the house looking under beds bathrooms, finally I look in my closet and there she is fast asleep sitting up between the clothes fast asleep, I guess preschool knocked her out!

So we are onto day 2 now I was expecting the worst today.  But guess what????? SHE GOT ON THE BUS WITHOUT CRYING!!!   Well yes she did have a look of panic on her face and her body was very tense but she got on said hi to the aide Sarah and sat in her seat.  Her aide Sarah is an angel she had a My Little Pony for Kyleigh this morning and she was excited to see it.  So now I sit waiting for her to get home after a morning of exercise, some shopping and finishing up with a pedicure and a yummy salad.  Life is good!

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