Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Girls Are Mean

That's right you heard it correctly, this Mommy of 3 little girls thinks that girls are mean!!  Lets see where can we start this?  Brianna did not want to go to camp today, I cant say I blame the girl it is raining and they bus the kids to local schools cant be much fun.  Kyleigh went off to school without a tear (YAY!) and my social butterfly Jillian went off to camp without a hitch.  I told Brianna that she would have to go for a walk with me this morning since she was not going to camp (Momma is on a roll she has gone out walking at week GO MOMMA!).  She agreed not happily and went along with me.  We went to a local park that she goes fishing with her Dad so she knew the place.  She grumped along complaining about mosquito's, ticks, chipmunks, squirrels etc etc.  So I told her instead of complaining why don't we talk about life?  Oh you know how happy she was?  About as happy as I am when I cant fit into my pants anymore, get the drift?  Well she went along with the idea, I asked about camp and who does she talk to.  She went on to tell me that this little girls she was friends with all year in school, the little girl who was at my house numerous times, the little girl I fed and bought ice cream from the ice cream truck for is now ignoring her.....Hmmm HUH?  So of course I ask why? (like she knows) She said that she is now friends with another little girl who we also were friends with the year before but they ignore her.  So you know the Momma bear in me is now just fuming I wanna go and shake these girls and say what the hell is your problem??? But of course I don't but I am mad and I guess I still am mad.  So then I ask who does she talk to, there is silence she says no one.  Can you hear it?  Yep that is my heart breaking.  I know, I know in my head that my girl is different, a little weird, yeah, kinda goofy, I know I see it.  But my heart knows what a freaking awesome kid she is, she has a heart as big as gold, her love of animals is just AMAZING (she better be some kind of veterinarian when she grows up!).  I remember being a kid and all of a sudden the girl you were best friends with for years just all of a sudden stopped talking to you for no reason and it sucked, it sucked big balls!  She said she trys talking to this little um angel (OK that is not the words I am thinking but I am sure you can imagine what I really want to say) but she totally ignores her.  So now here is where my problem starts do I try to get in contact with the camp counselor and see if she can get her more involved with the kids?  Or do I let it go, Brianna swears she does not care about not talking to anyone and honestly I don't think she does.  But when I see her playing with kids she does like she is full of smiles and happy and glowing.  UGH!!!! UGH!!!! UGH!!!  OK I am off to cuddle with my girl maybe that will make my heart happy, ooooh I think I am going to call her friend (who is a boy and who rocks!!) and see if he is staying home from camp today. 

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  1. I saw your comment on diary of a mom today, and yes, yes find a support group! I too felt alone until I met some amazing women through my son's school. All it takes is one person to be there for you, and then someday you will be there for someone else.
    I'm going to follow your blog now - if you feel up to it, check out my post about my support group at

    We're all here for each other, even in cyberspace so reach out if you need to!