Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Some People Will Never Ever Get It

I am always amazed at how people just don't "get" it.  Don went home to Texas for a family reunion (that's another bitch fest all in its self) and since we are never able to go since it is Labor Day weekend and that is when school starts for us the girls never knew they were missing anything.  Well cats out of the bag and Brianna was really really upset, I mean the kinda upset not with crying but the kinda of upset where she had those big puppy dog eyes and moped around for days on end.  She refused to talk to her Dad when he called she was locking herself in the bathroom so we would not try to force her on the phone.  So while he was gone I spoke to him and we decided it was probably a good idea to take his family off of her facebook page (yeah I know but believe me I monitor it daily) so if pictures were posted she would not get even more upset.  I sent out a really nice (believe me I did not want to be) message telling them why and that I was sorry that this offended them that I had to look out for my child's best interest.  Well the shit storm that followed was ridiculous!  The nastiness the uncaring the evil I swear I cannot believe these were adults.  They said I was denying them the right to get to know my child and they could not understand why she was upset that she did not even know them blah blah blah.  I am disgusted at these people truly disgusted.  I understand my the husband is so damn screwed up with a childhood around these people.  There is so much more to add about my disgust and anger with these folks but if I keep going I am going to lose my mind!

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